Captain Partybeard

Dead men
no parties!

Lock your houses!

orange sail boat

This is your captain speaking

Ahoy me wee scallywags, are ye lookin' fer an
unforgettable party? It doesn't matter if 'tis
fer a birthday, or fer anythin' ye like.
We pirates always like t' 'ave a party! Go on,
scroll on, 'n find out wha’s waitin' jus' fer ye!

Find out what ye'll do!

Tsunami Alert

“All hands on deck, thar’s
a tsunami headin' our way.”
Surfin' his galleon t' safety
be cap'n partybeard’s specialty.
It gives ye all th' adrenaline,
'cause one wrong move
'n ye’ll find th' ship on th' bottom o' th' ocean.
Lots o' fun guaranteed!

Disclaimer: we be nah responsible fer injuries, drownin' or death

We would appreciate if
ye could loot th' time
t' rate this service

No Champagne

“Oh no, Cap’n Partybeard ran out o'
champagna fer sprogs”
No one ever said. 'tis 'cause Cap’n partybeard
makes his owns grog. 'cause o'
a secret ingredient, 'tis th' best grog ye'll ever 'ave.

Disclaimer: we be nah responsible for any poisonin’ or a bitter af’ertaste

Feed The Fish

Cap’n Partybeard be a
friendly 'n funny pirate.
But if ye do 'im wrong,
he will show ye who be boss,
by catapultin' intruders o' his ship.
That shall learn those bastards!

Disclaimer: we be nah responsible if ye or
anyone o' yer spouse gets catapulted o' th' ship

Iceberg, Ho

Partybeard’s ship isn’t followin'
th' route o' th' Titanic.
That be 'cause Partybeard
knows how t' handle icebergs.
Whenever thar be an iceberg
in th' way, Partybeard turns
up th' party by makin'
delicious ice cones.

Disclaimer: we be nah responsible fer
any poisonin' or crashin' o' th' ship

Release The Kraken

If thar would be any sea creature,
cap'n Partybeard knows how t' save
th' party, 'n make some sushi.

Disclaimer: we be nah responsible if ye or
anyone o' yer family gets taken or eaten
alive by any sea creature or monster